Small Space Storage: Inspiration from the Homeland

If there’s one thing I hate in the kitchen, it’s trying to find something.  I guess that’s annoying in any part of the house.  Yet the kitchen is the worst for me.

Deep cupboards are great for holding a lot of stuff.  You just can’t find anything.  Stuff gets piled on top of each other.  You have to haul dining chairs into the kitchens or climb onto the counters.  It’s annoying as heck.

So just because we had very little space to work with, I knew that no matter what, I didn’t want to lug any more chairs or get any more bruises from banging my shins on the counter.

That’s why I pulled out the stubborn card when we started designing our kitchen.  I think we were at about this point, smashing into the wall:

removing kitchen door

My mom has these really cool pullout drawers where she keeps casserole dishes and small appliances in her US kitchen.  I thought:  why not do the same with food?  Hidden drawers are the perfect solution for storage.

The next challenge was finding drawers.  We were often met with stern responses like, “We don’t do that in Germany” when Martin and I presented an idea.  Or they may have said, “We don’t do that in Germany… you weird American kids.”  Fortunately, if they did, my German wasn’t good enough to tell.  I just kept smiling and nodding like I understood exactly what was going on.  Which I didn’t.  As everyone knew.

But you know what I did know?  I knew to take a camera with us to a huge home and kitchen store.  With the world’s greatest luck, I spotted this:

German cabinets

I became the lookout for pushy salesmen as Martin snapped a few pictures.  We could have just pretended not to speak German when the salesmen approached us.  After our crazy experience buying a couch in the same store, I knew that I could get away with the stubborn card at home, but I couldn’t get away with the I-only-speak-English card here.

pullout drawer

We went home.  The next day, our favorite little kitchen shop that sold us our stove/microwave combo unit and later our granite countertop helped us pick out the perfect drawers.  Now I can find anything I need in our little version of a pantry.

We pour pastas, rice, and basking supplies into glass jars from IKEA.  They have clear tops, so all I have to do is glance down at each drawer to see what’s for dinner.

small pantry

We only changed one thing from my mom’s kitchen (and the store models above).

My mom’s storage unit opens from the side like a cabinet or fridge door.  After years of having wild kids around (not me… my siblings), my mom’s wood door got a little banged up when anxious hands forced the door shut before the drawers were actually closed.  (Again, it wasn’t me.)

Martin totally designed a pull-out door front instead of a traditional cabinet door for the day my siblings decide to fly to Germany for a visit AND cook us dinner.

tiny kitchen cabinets

They’re so lucky I’m stubborn.  I’d hate to see Martin get upset with them after all the work we did on that wood.

(Images by Katie for Making This Home)

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