Finding Room for Everyday Dishes

If you have a fairly large kitchen, our next reveal is going to sound a little silly.  

If you have a really small kitchen like us, you just might want to file this under “thoughts to consider”.  You ready for it?



The floor to ceiling cabinets were the first things we built.  We squeezed the frames into place and built three drawers below the oven/microwave combo unit.  The top two drawers quickly filled with standards like utensils and aluminum foil.  We didn’t have a plan for the third drawer yet; we also didn’t have anywhere to put our every day dishes so that they wouldn’t get sawdust all over them.  They landed in the bottom drawer.

dishes in drawer


Now that the kitchen is done, we’re trying to decide where to put everything.  The dishes are staying in their drawer.  The advantages of this totally crazy approach are:

  • We don’t lose vertical space, which you need to get bowls and plates out of a cupboard
  • We don’t have to pull everything else out of the deep cupboards when we just want a bowl for breakfast; we just pull open the drawer.
  • My absolute favorite is unloading the half-size dishwasher.  I don’t have to take a single step.  Most of our dishes go right into this drawer.
  • dishes in drawer2

    Dishes in a drawer.  It’s just one more way we managed to squeeze a few more inches out of our kitchen.

    Anyone else found some great tricks for maximizing your kitchens?  We’re still on the hunt for a few good ideas.

    (Images by Katie for Making This Home)