Bike Storage in Our Apartment

We’ve had bike racks on the mind a lot lately. Maybe it’s all the signs of summer we’re getting (like the snow?). Or maybe it’s the fact that we had to walk sideways every time we were trying to get from the living room to the bedroom. Our bikes took up the entire hallway. It wasn’t impressive.  Either way, we’re Hooked On them.

We had this odd space just off the hallway that is probably meant for storage of odds and ends. Call us odd, but here’s what we installed instead:

bike track


Our bikes hang on the hooks.  We stand in the bathroom to lift our bikes onto the hooks, then we slide them into the little space in back.  Boy, the way I describe it sounds really ghetto!  The fact that I can’t even fit the entire space into the picture only adds to the effect, huh?  I swear the storage is wonderful and beautiful and all that charming stuff.  Plus our hallway is clear, and there is no arguing with that.  Here’s Martin napping on the job again when I’m ready to paint:

martin in drawer


For the first time in Making This Home History, an entire house project started and finished in one post.  You ready for our double garage?



See!  Still American.  We managed to build everything on the drawer with scraps from the lumber yard and our kitchen remodel.  Now we all can cross off one project before we can tear down the tarp that divides our house from construction zone and sawdusty living zone.  It also means we’re one step closer to showing you our kitchen which is currently covered with a whole lot of this:


While I get back to sanding and Martin fires up the chop saw, we’d love to know how you store your bikes or favorite really big things.  If you say “a real double garage”, we’ll just have to plug our ears.  

(Images by Katie for Making This Home)