Caring for Flowers in Europe (& Children’s Poem)

 Three things that I have learned about taking care of flowers by watching Europeans who seem to enjoy simple bouquets more than I have ever seen before:

1. Change the water in the vase every day.



2. Trim the stems frequently.

tulips 2


3. Carry the flowers home upside down to keep the water in the blooms, not the stems.  Does this work?  I don’t know.  If you want to blend in, though, you’d better be carrying those flowers upside down no matter how absolutely awkward you feel doing it.  My mother-in-law even wore her corsage upside down when Martin and I got married (it looked fine, just different, ya know?).

tulips 3


Seeing all the stems poking out of backpacks of several men as they biked home inspired this short poem, though I guess it’s not really for children this time…


It is a lovely time of year
with all the flowers in the shops,
and I suspect each married man
will make the florist an annual stop.
He’ll sniff the air and look around,
inhaling all the gorgeous perfumes.
He’s trying hard to remember:
what are his wife’s most favorite blooms?

What about you?  Any tips on how to make those blooms looking fresh extra long?  Or hints for the guy?  What are your favorites?

(Images by Martin for Making This Home)