A Day of Sanding Cabinets

Monday morning.  9:00.  Noise is permitted, and we start sanding.  We hook the shop vacuum to the sander.  It doubles the noise, but keeps our house cleaner.  I have a tough time finding the space to do all of my work.  Sometimes I have to hang out the window to balance pieces of wood as Martin runs them through the table saw.  Now I use the table saw as a table to hold doors and shelves that need sanding.

Have I shown you how small everything is?  I’m standing at the entrance to our living room/kitchen as I snap this picture.


Our couch (far right), coffee table, and dining table are wedged in the front half of the room.  Our construction is going on behind the tarp.  The entire kitchen is visible; I can’t fit about two feet of the construction area to the left.  Our future bookshelf at the end of the cabinets (center behind tarp) is filled with screws, sandpaper, and wood glue. 

We clean the floors of the house every day, and a light red dust recovers everything.  I am always amazed when I dust the bedroom windowsills.

1:00.  Quiet hours begin.  I rinse the dust off some dishes, and we eat fresh bread, pesto, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella for lunch.  It is the simplest, most delicious meal.  We drink mineral water, which I guess most Americans can’t stand.  We buy glass bottles by the crate and drink it warm.  I cannot handle ice cold drinks anymore.

2:00.  Noise is allowed again.  We resume sanding.

5:00.  We feel like working for a few more hours; we can’t.  The work day is over.  Noise isn’t allowed, and anything else we want to accomplish must be done by hand.  There is nothing worse than sanding by hand.