Cooking with a Two-Burner Stove

I’m pretty much an experimenter in many areas of cooking.  I turn to cookbooks for most of my ideas and end up ignoring half of the ingredient lists.  My broccoli soup becomes potato, carrot, broccoli soup.  The chocolate chip cookies have peanut butter and oats.  And the roasted applesauce always changes.  Most of the time, my theory of mass alteration works; sometimes my brownies collapse.

It’s hard for me to follow every rule and do exactly like everyone else.  A lot of self-expression vanishes when I follow the standard mold, and I guess I find that our kitchen is really no different.  Everyone have some very basic ideas about what a kitchen needs like a big sink and an oven.  We also believe that every kitchen has to have a four-burner stove.  Yet when Martin and I paused to reflect on exactly how we cook, one thing was very obvious: we rarely used more than one, maybe two burners at a time.

So we decided to pick a two-burner stove.  In addition to saving us a few bucks, you can see that it’s certainly the most practical solution for our 36 square foot kitchen:

counter installed

So we’re dying to know:  how many burners do you use?

This week, consider stepping back a moment as your family prepares meals just for curiosity’s sake.  Not a Thanksgiving day, just an every day sort of day.  Then tell us!  Think we could we swap spaces?

(Image by Katie for Making This Home)