Our Favorite New Kitchen Toys

 Santa was good to us this year.  Err.. technically last year?  He made sure that we will have no problem maxing out on our luggage limit when we return to Germany.  (I think it’s because I ate all of my carp on Christmas Eve.)  

The general theme at our house seemed to be Fill Up the 36 Foot Kitchen.  It’s working.

My sister and her husband gave us A Baker’s Odyssey.  It’s a beautiful cookbook I’ve been eyeing since, well, I gave it to my sister at her bridal shower last year.  It’s filled  with recipes from American immigrants, which is perfect.  I’m fast becoming the Alton Brown of international pastry cooking around our house.


But you know what the problem is with international cooking?  Measuring cups.  You can’t find them in Germany.  Most people in Europe measure ingredients with a metric scale, which means I have to bring my own measuring cups from the US if I want to follow my favorite cookbooks.  We walked into an Anthropology for the first time just before Christmas, and Martin managed to sneak these European beauties under the tree.  They’re measuring cups and Russian dolls in one, which will make them just perfect for our German kitchen:


Naturally, I had to return the favor.  A candy thermometer wasn’t very accurate when we made ice cream outside.  We needed something better.  Martin also NEEDED a way to measure the temperature of our fingers (mine are six degrees colder than his).  And the walls.  And every other thing in the house.  He NEEDED a way to measure his elaborate electronics projects.  And he’d let me borrow it for the kitchen since he doesn’t really cook.  

I surprised him with his must-have Fluke Mini Infared Thermometer of his very own.  Just like his dad’s.  (You can see where Martin’s Must Have reasoning came from now, huh?).  It measures from -30 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.




What wonderful gifts.  We can’t wait to take them to Germany.  (Martin can’t wait to measure the temperature of the concrete walls.)  Of course, we sent paperless thank you notes for everything.

What about you?  What did Santa leave for you and your family?

(images from Amazon and Anthropology)