Switch to Cloth Bags

This post is a part of A Greener Christmas Guide, a series of posts dedicated to celebrating the holidays with a lighter impact on the earth. For more of this series, please visit A Greener Christmas Guide.

German grocery stores don’t provide free bags at the checkout.  You have to bring your own or be prepared to pay around a euro ($1.47) per bag.  Ouch!  Nothing like wanting to save a buck to motivate a nation to go a little greener.

Meanwhile, Americans throw away almost 100 billion plastic bags each year.  (Only 1-3 percent are actually recycled.)  Each of those bags takes 1,000 or more years to break down.  And in that process, thousands of birds and marine mammals swallow or choke on the bags and die.  You probably see the bags blowing on the sides of the streets and stuck in fences, littering your community.

That’s why we begun a personal ban on plastic bags several years ago. It’s also the inspiration of my latest handmade Christmas gift:


Wanna change the world?

  1. Use them to hold other Christmas gifts under your tree.
  2. Roll them into your purse and use for quick errands where you normally would have gotten a plastic bag.
  3. Make some of your own using this easy bag tutorial and adding two straps.
(Images by Katie for Making This Home)