Giveaway Winners

Let me just say how inspired you all got me.  I think it’s so easy for us to forget the beauty of our lives and our homes.  Walking and biking everywhere in Berlin really taught me to slow down and appreciate nature – something I didn’t expect to find in an enormous, foreign city of all places.  But I did.  And I think that all of us can agree that we can find similar beauties at home.  I wish I could paste every comment people wrote in the penguin giveaway, but really, it makes more sense to tell you that you just have to go read everyone’s reflections right here.  It’s so inspiring!

Of course, as more and more of you posted, I also got inspired to make a few more penguins.  How could I give away only one little penguin when a whopping 128 of you entered my very first giveaway?

So three of my little friends and their handmade gift bag nests are pounding on the door to get the heck outta here and join three randomly selected, inspiring women.  (From my dad’s watch, you were all women.  He wanted to enter, but he did NOT want to be the only man.)  

These penguin fellas want to go home with:

Mary who wrote:

I’m not so much inspired by what’s in my home, but where it is. I love living in the city (most of the time) and being within-walking distance of one of the biggest urban parks in the US. I go there and enjoy it just about every day.

What makes me feel less energized? Definitely when I haven’t been good about putting things away throughout the week-it makes for an overwhelming weekend. One of my goals is to simply go through the mail each day, so that there’s not a pile by Saturday. I admit I haven’t been too good about it though!

Sarah C who says:

what inspires me most in my home is my little sewing area that my husband created for me. Each time I sit down to sew and create i remember how much love and support I have and it makes it much easier for me to try new things.

What deters me…and this may sound silly, is the neighbors. I like to sew late at night and this just so happens to be when they like to party. It is an off campus sorority house and there is no stopping the party =( I cant wait for winter break when they all travel back to visit their families

Joyce Phillips who wisely says:

Everything about my home inspires me. I have found as I get older (early 50’s) that I am so much more
at peace with myself and my life. Little things make me content—knitting, baking, my vegetable garden and most especially my two labs—Hank and Greta. I love them (oh! and hubby too). The only thing that distracts me is me. Sometimes I get to rushing around to get things done and I find myself not getting near as much accomplished. My list is always way longer than what I can reasonably accomplish in a day. But I have learned over the years that my house doesn’t have to be perfect—what i do with my time and my husband and pups is really more important than a spotless house. 

So congratulations ladies!  Please send me an email with your mailing addresses before these penguins try to figure out how to fly away on their own.  And to everyone else, stay tuned for future giveaways and ideas.

(Image by Katie for Making This Home)