3 Holiday Decor Tips

Guess what!  Andrea Schroder’s team contacted me in Germany.  Andrea wanted to share a few holiday tips with all of us.  How cool is that?

I’d watched Andrea on Top Design on YouTube (she’s the designer married to Ricky Schroder) and saw her design skills.  What I didn’t know was how crafty she could be with words.  YouTube can’t offer much in ten-minute segments, you know.  So how lucky that she’s offering us a little pre-holiday treat right here on Making This Home.  Take it away, Andrea…


Sense, Scent and Cents

by Andrea Schroder

For me the holidays are where my design approach really shines. I am all about houses being “beautiful living homes.”  Here are a few things to remember when decorating this holiday season:

1. Sense

Decorating for the holidays must make sense.  A friend of mine sets up a train set on her kitchen island during the holidays.  Whenever I see it, I wonder how hard it must be to have the major kitchen working space gone for at least a month.  Décor cannot get in the way of living.  Another example is the stair rail. It should still be usable when walking down the stairs, so making sure that the garlands hang in front of the rail, not on top is very important.  Do not put fragile ornaments or other items where children or animals could break them.

2. Scent

A big part of holiday memories are the scents that encompass the spaces.  We associate many scents with the holidays such as fresh cut pine, homemade gingerbread baking, or a turkey roasting.   The purpose of decorating is to create a mood.  Scents help create that mood and cement the memories.  I love having a real pine wreath on my front door because it looks and smells festive.

3. Cents

This is the year to really make the money stretch.  My favorite ornaments when I was growing up were the ones we had created ourselves.  It was fun year after year to take out the clothe pin soldiers I made in pre-school or the hand-made felt stockings.  In my home, my family and I are making gingerbread people and hanging them on the tree.  We string popcorn together to make garlands, and we cut our paper snowflakes.  You can spray pinecones with silver and gold spray paint. This time of year more than ever, hand crafted décor is expected and appreciated.