How to: Sew Easy Fabric Gift Bags

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Remember when I eagerly announced that all of my gifts would be wrapped in items that can be reused or would have landed in the garbage/recycling bin?  I’ve been chomping at the bit to get ahold of a sewing machine since we don’t have on in Germany so that I could start making bags.  

Here’s the first one, perfectly easy for the jet laged or sewing inept.  Or in my case, both.  They’re just the right size for ornaments, candies, and small gift exchanges.

Easy-Peasy Instructions

1. Cut out a rectangle of fabric and lay wrong-side up so you see the back of the fabric.

2. Fold in 1/2 inch on each shorter side, press with an iron, and sew down the two flaps.  These will be the top of the bag.

3. Fold bag in half, bright sides together.  Sew top and bottom sides as shown so that only the part you already sewed for flaps is the only open side.

4. Flip bag right-side-out, fill with gifts, and tie with ribbon.  Presto!

(Images by Katie for Making This Home.)