Life Abroad: Thanksgiving in Berlin

Raise your hand if you’re drooling over the thought of tasty Thanksgiving food.

One… two… three… (Martin!  You can only hold up one hand.  Put that other one down.)  I guess we can’t help it.  Thanksgiving makes us giddy.  Things were a little crowded.  I think we had ten people squished into our 250 square-foot living room/kitchen.  The table filled the entire room.  Martin sat on the step stool, and I’m not exactly sure what it was I was sitting on.  We barely noticed with these cool made-from-scratch yummies:

  • Green Bean Casserole is like THE American staple.  How lucky that a German/American couple put together this recipe for us – and with no cream of mushroom soup.  Amazing.
  • Fresh Broccoli Salad via Alton Brown on the Food Network because let’s face it – when else have you found a broccoli salad that tasted so good you found yourself sneaking to the fridge for more at 10 pm?
  • Sesame Seed Cookies that made us want to munch and munch even when we’d had WAY too much to eat already.  (Sneaky me – no one knew how easy they were)
  • Sweet Potato Pie that makes you moan.  This southern food has now become a Katie and Martin food.  Our dear friends Katie and Martin brought it, and we consumed obediently.  Then we snagged another piece.  We LOVE it, and if you’re wondering why the local grocery store is out of sweet potatoes all of a sudden, well… we had nothing to do with that.  Swear.
  • And Cranberry Sauce.  Can’t forget the cranberry sauce.
    Here’s a shot my father-in-law took.  Thankfully, my plate didn’t make it to the table yet (otherwise I might not be sharing this picture!)

    So good luck with all of the tastiness at your house.  May Thanksgiving be filled with blessings, great people, and good food.

    (Image for Making This Home)